Buena Vista Owners Get $36M Offer

Housing Authority seeks to buy the mobile-home park

The Housing Authority of Santa Clara County has made a $36,072,500 offer to purchase the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, Executive Director Katherine Harasz said on Friday. The offer was made after the housing authority’s board of directors unanimously authorized the agency on Dec. 20 to negotiate the sale.
The Jisser family’s attorneys received the written offer on behalf of their clients on Wednesday or Thursday, which is based on the property’s appraised value, Harasz said. She and the Jissers’ eminent domain attorney Norman Matteoni said they did not anticipate a response from the family until perhaps sometime in mid-January. After then, Harasz said she hoped the housing authority and the family and their representatives would have a sit-down meeting to discuss the possible sale.

Court Rejects Approval of Buena Vista Closure

Judge rules Palo Alto mobile home park’s relocation package based on inadequate information.

The Palo Alto City Council abdicated its duty when it approved relocation payments for Buena Vista Mobile Home Park residents, a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge ruled on Wednesday.
The decision by Judge Brian Walsh found the city did not have sufficient evidence to support its finding that the relocation assistance offered by the park’s owners is adequate to prevent adverse effects on the park’s 400 residents.

County Seeks to Acquire Buena Vista


Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian today praised the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara’s Board of Commissioners for authorizing the potential acquisition and improvement of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto.

In a meeting held earlier today, the Housing Authority Board considered an appraisal of the value of the mobile home park, and voted unanimously to allow their Executive Director Katherine Harasz to send an offer letter to the park owner and begin negotiations.

The Housing Authority’s action is the most recent step forward in implementing a three-way collaboration (approved earlier this year in June) that includes funding from the County of Santa Clara and the City of Palo Alto.

“This is an important step forward,” said Simitian. “With everyone pulling together we’re well positioned to preserve 117 units of affordable housing, prevent the eviction of 400 low income residents, and ensure that the current property owner receives full and fair market value for the property.”

“We have a mission and challenge to preserve affordable housing for the people of our community,” said Harasz. “With this effort, we hope to secure this park for today’s residents and future generations.”