Buena Vista evictions could start next month

Pressure heightened to save Palo Alto’s only mobile-home park

Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian listens on April 13 as supporters and residents of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park talk about the impact of the park’s potential closure. The county Board of Supervisors has set $8 million towards the possible purchase of the park. Photo by Veronica Weber.


As local officials continue to scour for ways to save Buena Vista Mobile Home Park from imminent closure, the attorney for the park owner warned Tuesday night that eviction notices could legally be sent to the Palo Alto park’s 400 residents as early as next month, when the closure application is set to be formally approved by the City Council.

The council unanimously voted Tuesday to uphold a September decision by Hearing Officer Craig Labadie to approve the property owner’s Relocation Impact Report, which details the financial compensation owed to each resident, but ordered several revisions. These include a revised appraisal that takes into account the monetary worth of local schools and the safety of the Buena Vista community to its residents.

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The Buena Vista Imperative

by Palo Alto Weekly editorial board, Fri, Apr 17, 2015

Constrained by advice from the city attorney aimed at keeping council members narrowly focused on their legal responsibilities, an emotional two evenings of public testimony and council discussion came to an anti-climactic end Tuesday night as the council unanimously gave permission to the owner of Buena Vista Mobile Home Park to close it down.

There was never really any suspense over this outcome, as the City Council’s options were limited to determining the adequacy of the relocation benefits being offered current residents and ensuring compliance with state law and Palo Alto’s mobile-home park closure ordinance. Blocking the park’s closure was never an option, and all agreed that the Jisser family had the right to finally move forward with plans that are more than a decade old.

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Faces of Buena Vista

In February the Palo Alto High School Verde Magazine presented an article on the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. Photographer/Photo Editor, Ana Sofia Amieva-Wang, provided us with a glimpse into the soul of this community.