Palo Alto to appeal court order

Palo Alto will appeal a recent court ruling in which a judge overturned the city's decision.
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Buena Vista Owners Get $36M Offer

The Housing Authority of Santa Clara County has made a $36,072,500 offer to purchase the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park. Read...

Court Rejects Approval of Buena Vista Closure

Judge rules Palo Alto mobile home park's relocation package based on inadequate information.
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County Seeks to Acquire Buena Vista

Santa Clara’s Board of Commissioners authorize the potential acquisition and improvement of the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park in Palo Alto. Read...

Buena Vista Residents Sue
Palo Alto

Legal action was required to meet a deadline to protect the rights of the residents to appeal. Read more...

The Fight to Save a Silicon Valley Trailer Park

Palo Alto, Calif., has a dilemma: what to do with its only mobile-home park By CHRISTINA PASSARIELLO, Wall Street Journal PALO ALTO, Calif.—Here in the...

$29 million effort to save Palo Alto’s last mobile home park

By Bruce Newman, Mercury News PALO ALTO — Of the 115 or so trailers in Buena Vista Mobile Home Park, it would be difficult...

Thank You – Palo Alto City Council

The City Council voted unanimously (8-0) to use affordable housing funds to match the $6.5M contribution of the Board of Supervisors

Santa Clara County Pledges More Funds

Santa Clara County supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to allocate an additional $6.5 million to preserve Buena Vista.

Exhibit of Buena Vista Portraits

Palo Alto Art Center Presents Life-Sized Portraits of Palo Alto Buena Vista Mobile Home Park Residents,

We Support Palo Alto Residents at Buena Vista Mobile Home Park

Friends of Buena Vista are Palo Alto individuals and community groups that support residents at Buena Vista in their effort to remain living in Palo Alto.

If the 88-year old Buena Vista Mobile Home Park closes and its affordable housing is not replaced, it will result in the single greatest displacement of Palo Altans in our town’s history. Of the 129 Buena Vista children, 99 are PAUSD students. We insist on a solution that includes Buena Vista residents remaining here, and their children in our schools.

Current Situation: Most residents own their mobile homes, renting space from the property owner. The owner wants to close Buena Vista, forcing the residents to move in order to sell to a redeveloper that says it will build no affordable replacement housing. The owner has a right to sell, but we think he and the redeveloper also have a responsibility to residents who will lose everything –  the homes they own, their jobs and safe community, and the children will lose their good schools and bright hopes for the  future. We will all lose nearly 400 neighbors and over 100 units of badly needed affordable housing.

 We share these goals with Buena Vista residents:

  • Work together to ensure residents have the option to remain in Palo Alto.
  • Ensure students will finish their education in Palo Alto.
  • Replace any of the 108 units of Buena Vista affordable housing that may be lost.
  • Work with residents to guarantee their fair treatment and rights upheld.

Become a Friend of Buena Vista. Email:Friends of Buena Vista